CLUG upgrade kit hybrid
CLUG upgrade kit hybrid
CLUG upgrade kit hybrid
CLUG upgrade kit hybrid
CLUG upgrade kit hybrid
CLUG upgrade kit hybrid
CLUG upgrade kit hybrid
CLUG upgrade kit hybrid
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CLUG upgrade kit hybrid

Transform your original CLUG into a CLUG PRO with the CLUG upgrade kit. Designed in collaboration with FIDLOCK, the integrated cord and ratchet system ensures your bike stays secure in the event of a puncture or a knock, making it perfect for long-term storage. Simply replace the original clipper (the outer part of the CLUG) with the upgrade kit clipper and re-fit using the original wall anchors and screws.

Please Note

The upgrade kit is NOT a complete CLUG. It retrofits to the original CLUG and converts it into a CLUG PRO.

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What is the CLUG upgrade kit?

The upgrade kit integrates FIDLOCK’s innovative magnetic winch handle and ratchet system to ensure your bike always stays secure. Combine it with your original CLUG to transform it into a CLUG PRO.

Simply replace the original clipper with the upgrade kit clipper (which has a seamlessly integrated magnetic FIDLOCK winch) and re-fit using the original wall anchors and screws. The cord length can be tailored to your tyre and rim combination, the ratchet will give you the perfect fit every time and the winch’s interlocking teeth give it extraordinary strength.

Engineered to hold up to 30kg once the winch is magnetically locked into place, the winch and ratchet system gives you total peace of mind that your bike will remain rock solid even after a hard knock or if your tyres deflate during long-term storage.

5 sizes to choose from.

The CLUG upgrade kit is compatible with each size of the original CLUG. Simply choose the correct size upgrade kit - roadie, hybrid, mtb, mtb xl or plus.

Secured by FIDLOCK

FIDLOCK’s magnetic-mechanical system turns the moment of opening and closing the winch into a uniquely enjoyable experience. The magnets automatically locate the winch and the undercut, interlocking teeth give it incredible strength.

Award winning.

CLUG PRO X Alistair Brownlee

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Frequently Asked Questions

The CLUG PRO is rated to hold a bike or e-bike up to 30kg which covers every bike you’d actually want to ride! During testing we discovered the CLUG PRO was able to hold considerably more. This means if you have a e-bike, CLUG PRO will hold it as long as the tyre is within the CLUG tyre guidelines, and it is 30kg or less. It’s worth noting that in normal use (with at least one wheel on the ground) the weight acting on the cord/winch is a tiny fraction of the rated weight.

Choose the same size upgrade kit (roadie, hybrid, mtb, mtb xl or plus) as the original CLUG.

Whilst the original CLUG is ultra-convenient, ultra-minimalist and ultra-satisfying to use, there may be occasions when a CLUG PRO would be a better option. For example: if you get a puncture or slow puncture, if you want to use CLUG for long term storage (over time tyre pressure drops), if you have children or pets that may knock the bike, if you have to store your Lamborghini directly behind your bike or if you have a high end bike.

It’s easiest if you watch this video. In words: you pull the knot out of the winch (tweezers or even a pencil will help you to grab the knot), then you tie another knot say 5cm along from the original knot, then you trim the excess cord with scissors. Just be extra careful not to cut it too short! Ideally you want to leave enough cord for 2-4 winch twists.