LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
LITE Bike Light
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LITE Bike Light


The USB rechargeable Hornit LITE combines a 250 lumen light with 120 decibel horn. Boasting 6 light modes for night and day use, and up to 9.5 hours run time.


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The LITE is bright enough to light your way in complete darkness and get you seen in broad daylight. The five horn modes (ranging in volume and tone from 95 to 120 dB) mean you can actively let drivers know where you are. The remote trigger, which sits under the rider’s thumb, means it’s there when you need it. The micro USB rechargeable battery gives you an easy way to recharge between rides.

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  • Full Beam 250 Lumens (2hrs 40mins)
  • Flash 60 Lumens (8hrs 40mins)
  • Low Beam100 Lumens (4hrs 30mins)
  • Breathe 20-80 Lumens (4hrs 30mins)
  • Eco 30 Lumens (9hrs 30mins)
  • Heartbeat 100 Lumens (8hrs)


  • Piercing Mode 120dB
  • High Pitch 112dB
  • Whistle 114dB
  • Beep Beep 95dB
  • Car Horn Mode 101dB


  • Micro USB Rechargeable
  • 1,200 mAh
  • LI-PO
  • 2 hrs 40 mins - 9 hrs 30 mins run time

Frequently Asked Questions

The Hornit LITE is the world's loudest bike light, and the little brother to the dB140 reaching 120 decibels. The main difference between the two is that the LITE has a built-in light to attract attention!

We wanted to make a product which combines both elements of road safety, sight and sound. The Hornit LITE is what we have come up with. Its 250- lumen light combined with a 120 decibel horn allows you to actively remind drivers and pedestrians that you are there. Although it is not as loud as the dB140, it is still a very loud horn and will alert anyone who is a bit too close for comfort!

The Hornit LITE is our first Micro USB rechargeable product in the Hornit range. Simply plug it in and once fully charged can be used for up to 9 hours 30 mins hours of run time. The rechargeable battery is a 1,200 mAh battery and is protected by a rubber watertight seal on the back of the unit.

Our LITE is not waterproof, however it is weather resistant and is tested to work even in torrential rain! The IP rating is IP44 meaning that it is counted as splash-proof.

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