Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
Hornit Mini Black
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Hornit Mini Black

The black Hornit Mini really will make your child’s imagination run wild! From a classic bike bell to a roaring lion, the Mini will encourage their creativity and make their ride the best part of the day. Whether they’re racing through the plains of Africa or hanging out the back of a helicopter, the black Mini really makes your kid's ride unforgettable, and all before the ring of the school bell!


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The Hornit Mini is the ultimate lights and sound effects accessory for children’s bikes and scooters. Loaded with 25 sounds and white and green lights, your child’s imagination will run wild!

  • Unit colour - Black
  • Wings clip on to fit all bikes and scooters
  • White safety lights (12 lumens)
  • Funky green lights (12 lumens)
  • 25 sound effects
  • Remote trigger (no need to take hands off handlebars)
  • IP33 (weather proof)

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Bike Bell - Olé Trumpet - Racing Cars - Police Siren - Motorbike - Laser - Helicopter - Fire Engine - Fart - Magic Spell - Aeroplane - Hooter - Burp - Wolf - Rooster - Lion - Elephant - Horse - Hornet - Magic Carpet - Bomb Drop - Reversing Truck - Train - Klaxon - Zapper

  • Horn 98mm(l) x 44mm(w) x 36mm(h) 60g
  • Trigger 355mm(l) x 20mm(w) x 9mm(h) 10g
  • Type 2 x AAA batteries 24g
  • 2 x AAA batteries 94g
  • IP33 Protection from splashed water and solid objects greater than 2.5mm in diameter

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Hornit Mini is toy-tested to make it safe for children’s sensitive ears, and so it much quieter than the Hornit dB140 and Hornit LITE which are designed to be heard by drivers in heavy traffic. The decibel range is 75-80dB. There are 3 volume settings – loud, medium and quiet. Just press the sting at the rear of the main unit.

We have a 2-year warranty on all of our products so if you are within this period contact us on info@thehornit.com. Accidents do happen and so if you are outside of our warranty period, you can easily get a replacement part in the Hornit Mini area of our website.

The two stretchy wings fit around all bikes and scooter handlebars and will keep the Hornit Mini securely in place. It has been designed so children can mount and remove the Hornit Mini in seconds.

On a scooter, the child’s hands are much closer together and so a remote trigger isn’t normally needed for their thumbs to safely reach the buttons. However, on a bike, it’s rarely easy to mount the Hornit Mini next to their hands so the trigger enables them to make the selected sound safely (without having to take their hands off the handlebars).

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